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Easter DIY

Easter DIY

Rather than dying the eggs this Easter try your hand at getting creative and painting them to the colour palette and style of your liking! 

You will need:
Hard Boiled Eggs
Acrylic Craft Paint
Paint palette
Paint brush
(Available from Spotlight)

How To:
Choose a colour scheme, pour out a small amount of each colour, and mix paints to get the perfect colours. Using a quick brushstroke, add short lines of paint over the entire egg, leaving space between the strokes to add more later. Set aside while it dries and start another egg the same way. Once the first round of paint is completely dry, add a second colour of brushstrokes, wait for it to dry, and then add your third and final colour.

Double the size of your brushstroke lines by painting two or three short strokes right next to each other, to make more of an abstract polka dot egg!

Let dry and your eggs are ready!