The Colombo x Societe Magazine Lounge tickets on sale!

The Colombo x Societe Magazine Lounge tickets on sale!

Saturday Cup Day is a highlight on Christchurch’s social calendar.  It’s a day when Christchurch dresses up and rises to put on a world class event full of Canterbury sophistication.  Despite what you may have read in some media outlets, the day wasn’t disturbed by a bad spray tan or rowdy attendees for us in our Lounge. From the moment you stepped into the Lounge at the Riccarton Races you found yourself surrounded by stunning dresses, immaculate suits, and bespoke headpieces.

It marked a turning point at Cup Day, with THE COLOMBO x Societe Magazine Lounge setting a new standard. Behind the white-picket garden oasis filled with fresh blooms where Christchurch's top DJ's play, delicious food is flowing, and expertly crafted cocktails are served throughout the day! 

$160 includes Members area access and a ticket into the lounge 

$90 includes a ticket into the lounge 

Grab your tickets via Black Eye Peach at The Colombo or Mods Hair Merivale